Greenpeace Ads Featuring Aged Politicians Full of Regret

Greenpeace is running a brilliant ad campaign in in the Copenhagen airport in light of the Copenhagen climate change negotiations set to start on December 7th. They feature aged politicians in 2020 apoligizing for not addressing climate change when they had the chance. Stephen Harper looks like the saddest hockey coach in the world.

While the ads in Copenhagen feature several world leaders, the two ads above were displayed in Ottawa all week. From Greenpeace Canada’s website:

Harper recently announced his intention to attend part of the Copenhagen summit. Unfortunately, he continues to support “modest” targets for reducing Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions and not the level of reductions that climate scientists say are necessary. Obama has proposed targets for the US that are also inadequate.
The ads remind the two leaders that avoiding climate chaos is in their hands and the hands of other world leaders in Copenhagen. Millions are already suffering from the impacts of climate change. World leaders have a moral responsibility to their citizens to avert the catastrophic effects of global climate change.

Come on Steve, try not to fuck this up.

Aging Harper and Obama Apologize for Climate Chaos [Greenpeace Canada]

Greenpeace Ads Featuring Aged Politicians in 2020 Apologizing for Climate Change [BoingBoing]


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