The Blueprint Database

The Blueprints Database has a massive repository of blueprints of just about anything that gets blueprinted. While the coolest section is probably the science fiction one (check out the Rebel X-Wing from Star Wars above) they also have aircraft, tanks, phones, etc. They also have lots of ships. It’s a pretty frustrating find two days after I finished drafting a 1 900-component icebreaker for a university course. Wanna know what’s even more frustrating? The one on the site is better.

The Blueprints Database


One response to “The Blueprint Database

  1. Starwars Geek25

    The main reason for the X-wing’s “S-foils” was to increase the area that the its lasers could fire on. In the previous version of the X-wing, the Republic ARC 170 starfighters (as seen in episode III), the S-foils were used to hold radiator panels that dispersed excess interal heat in order to prevent internal meltdowns.

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