25 of the Scariest Science Experiments Ever Conducted


Just in case you haven’t felt your skin crawl enough today, io9 has a list of 25 of the Scariest Scientific Experiments Ever Performed. Above is a picture of the Stanford Prisoner Experiment:

Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford prisoner experiment took place in the 1970s. The psychiatrist took 24 undergraduates and assigned them roles as either prisoners or guards, in a mock prison on campus. After just a few days, 1/3 of the guards exhibited sadistic tendencies, two prisoners had to be removed early due to emotional trauma, and the whole experiment only lasted six of the planned 14 days. It showed just how easily normal individuals can become abusive, in situations where it is encouraged.

Another one on the list is this one (not for the faint of heart), a Soviet experiment/propoganda video from 1940 to re-attach severed dog heads:

The rest of the list is after the link. Be warned though: some of them are rather disturbing. It really makes you wonder how far people will go in the name of  their research. Maybe they could have learned something after all from the Stanford Prisoner Experiment…

25 of the Scariest Science Experiments Ever Conducted [io9]


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