Homemade Glaciers


Chhewang Norphel in India is making his own artificial glaciers. The reason: the natural ones are melting and running away. His community in the Himalayas relies on run-off from the glaciers for water, which means that climate change poses a very real threat to their way of life. He’s come up with a brilliant way to adapt to a horrible situation:

Here, Norphel is using what is abundant – stone – to conserve what is precious – water. The idea is simple: Divert the unneeded autumn and winter runoff into a series of large, rock-lined holding ponds. As the days grow colder, the ponds freeze and interconnect into a growing glacier.

Global Warming: Indians Decide to Make Their Own Glaciers [CSMonitor]


One response to “Homemade Glaciers

  1. These would more appropriately be called ice ponds than glaciers. The minimum volume for a glacier is quite close to a million cubic meters. Glaciers are permanent and move. The project is a good idea, but I have not seen anything to indicate glaciers have been created. A glacier could be created this way, more volume is needed. It is interesting that across the globe a different tactic is being tried.

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