Asking Forgiveness Shouldn’t Be Done via Facebook, Says Rabbi


As part of the Jewish Yom Kippur holidays, which end today, people are called upon to repent and seek forgiveness from others. Rabbi Jason Miller in Detroit is calling upon the members of his synagogue not to seek forgiveness via Facebook, but rather to do so in person. He says this as the point is to mend relationships, not just get it out of the way. From the article:

“We’ve lost the personal touch,” said Miller, who also is the rabbi of Tamarack Camps in Michigan. “There should be an effort, a little challenge to go up to another person and seek forgiveness, to admit our wrongdoing.”

Miller often uses social media himself and blogs at, but cautions against overdoing it.

He notes one Facebook update he got Friday morning from a person who wrote a generic note to several people at once, saying: “Whatever I said, I didn’t really mean it. Please forgive me. It won’t happen again.”

The one-size-fits-all confession misses the mark in keeping with the spirit of repentance, Miller said.

Asking Forgiveness Shouldn’t Be Done Via Facebook, Rabbi Says [Detroit Free Press]


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