Office Weapons Annihilate Office Boredom, Get You Fired


Wired has a list of easy-to-make weapons from office supplies, such as this Ping-Pong-Zooka above. They’re from the book MiniWeapons of Mass Destruction by John Austin, who’s spent a lot of his life miniaturizing weapons for G.I. Joe and Star Wars figurines. These ideas are perfect if you’d like to do more than write a mean note to a fridge thief, or if you’ve just gotten tired of working there. And the Ping-Pong-Zooka? Well…

Range: 20 feet
Cover one end of a paper-towel tube with duct tape. Cut a hole in the tape and insert a barbecue lighter. Tape on a ruler for reinforcement. Spritz flammable hair spray inside; let it settle. Load a Ping-Pong ball and pull the lighter trigger. Fireworks!

Tiny, Easy-to-Build Weapons Annihilate Office Boredom [Wired]


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