Machine Rebellion Begins


An American “Reaper” hunter-killer drone aircraft that was operating above Afghanistan had to be tracked and shot down by a fighter plane last Sunday after it strayed off course and attempted to invade a neighbouring country all by it’s evil robotic little self. The drone weighs about 5 tons and is armed with 14 Hellfire missiles, each capable of destroying a tank or building. From The Register:

The statement goes on to say that the errant killdroid “impacted the side of a mountain” and that there “were no reports of civilian injuries”.

USAFCENT don’t specify just what manned jet went up against the mutinous machine, or what methods the pilot used. However the logical choice would be a fighter plane – probably an F-15, -16 or -18 – and the cheapest and most fun weapon to use would be cannon fire. Opposition from the Reaper wouldn’t be an issue, as it is a low-performance aircraft compared to a jet fighter and has no air-to-air capability.

Machine Rebellion Begins, Killer Robot Destroyed by US Jet [The Register]


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