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Orchid Mantis


Amazing camouflage from the orchid mantis.


How Animals Eat Their Food


Creatures from the Mariana Trench


From a really cool gallery on Imgur, some photographs on creatures from the Mariana Trench. Above is the aptly-named Fanfin Seadevil, and below are Hatchet Fish.


Creatures from the Mariana Trench   [Imgur]

Death by Immersion

immersion death

Interesting photograph by Johannes Bojesen, in National Geographic:

The sheep had drowned while trying to cross a small canal in the meadow-swamp ‘Tøndermasken’ in southern Jylland in Denmark. Birds had eaten every part above the surface and everything under was left totally untouched.


The Earthquake Rose


The image above shows the record of a magnitude 6.8 earthquake that shook Olympia, Washington in 2001. It was discovered in a sand-tracing pendulum by shop-owner Jason Ward. According to seismologists, the rose in the middle was created by the high-frequency waves that arrived first, with the larger oscillations around it being caused by the lower-frequency oscillations that arrived later.


Happy Hallowe’en!

Presented without comment.

Cold Stethoscope

A newborn gorilla at the Melbourne Zoo gets a medical checkup and expresses surprise at the cold stethoscope.


How to Rescue Baby Bears

Someone rescues a group of baby bears in a dumpster without getting in trouble with the mother.


Six-Legged Giants

On Ball’s Pyramid, a jagged remainder of a volcanic crater in the South Pacific, lives the last of a species of giant walking sticks. On NPR is the fascinating story of a group of Australian scientists sent to rescue them:

Fast forward to 2001, when two Australian scientists, David Priddel and Nicholas Carlile, with two assistants, decided to take a closer look. From the water, they’d seen a few patches of vegetation that just might support walking sticks. So, they boated over. (“Swimming would have been much easier,” Carlile said, “but there are too many sharks.”) They crawled up the vertical rock face to about 500 feet, where they found a few crickets, nothing special. But on their way down, on a precarious, unstable rock surface, they saw a single melaleuca bush peeping out of a crack and, underneath, what looked like fresh droppings of some large insect.

Where, they wondered, did that poop come from?

The only thing to do was to go back up after dark, with flashlights and cameras, to see if the pooper would be out taking a nighttime walk. Nick Carlile and a local ranger, Dean Hiscox, agreed to make the climb. And with flashlights, they scaled the wall till they reached the plant, and there, spread out on the bushy surface, were two enormous, shiny, black-looking bodies. And below those two, slithering into the muck, were more, and more … 24 in all. All gathered near this one plant.

Six-Legged Giant Find Secret Hideaway, Hides for 80 Years   [NPR]

Cat and Rat Drinking Milk Together

Apropos of nothing, here’s a cat and a (very bold) rat sharing a bowl of milk.